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Portrait of My Father
Portrait of My Father
oil on canvas
40 x 30 inches

The duality. The dialectic. The no and the yes in the body. What wants to express itself, to function according to what is perfect for itself, also restricts itself in its self-interest. The body does not say no to itself, but it mangles itself as a confused yes to the perceived external no. It is survival. Identity serves this purpose: continuity. “I” was born in that space of no, the internal counterbalance to restricted affect. The world is born inverted, a walking non-existent “no” seeking external validation, existence through the eyes of another. But this is the body’s life. The only eyes are these. Existence, as far as it could be called that, lies in this seeing. In seeing there is only the seen. The body knows, it navigates its world. There is no way to predict or control. There is no need. What is, is bodily.